Why aren’t women representing East Texas?

Did you know there are not ANY  women representing East Texas on the state or federal level?

Think about it – All twelve representatives are men.

The Governor of Texas, both US Senators, the US Representative for the First District of Texas (TX-1), both Texas State Senators (Districts 1 & 3), and all six Texas State Representatives (Districts 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, & 57).  They all represent East Texas and they’re all men.

And so… Why aren’t women representing East Texas?

In 2017 it’s difficult to believe that 100% of the political representatives for East Texas are men.  Especially when you take into consideration that women outnumber men in population!  Sure, most of the representatives are doing a good job but shouldn’t women also have a seat at the table?

Over 700,000 people live in the First District, a district made up of twelve East Texas counties.  And yet we do not have even one woman representative.  What message does this send to our children?

History question – Since Texas has been a state, how many women have represented the people of East Texas on a state or federal level?  And of that number, how many were Congresswomen?

(There’s a reason it’s called his-story.)

Do you think it is important that we have women representing East Texas?

Okay, we all know men and women see things differently.  So doesn’t it make sense to have both men and women representing us?

Renee’ will bring a completely different perspective to the office.  Not to mention demonstrating a stronger level of responsibility to the people than the current career politician holding the seat.

Wow!  Twelve men representing East Texas.  That sounds an awful lot like something from the fifties!  You know, when it was a best practice that only twelve white men could serve on a jury and determine a person’s fate?

Well aren’t the twelve men who are currently representing East Texas doing the same thing?  Some things never change.  Some things do.

In 1918, women  finally  earned the right to vote in Texas primaries!  (But they still couldn’t hold office.)

Won’t it be ironic for Renee’ Culler to win the 2018 TX-1 Republican Primary, and later the General Election, 100 years after Texas women voted in their very first primary?  With your support we will make it happen!  (Texas women earned the right to vote two full years sooner than the 19th Amendment was ratified.  But they couldn’t legally hold office until 1920.)

It’s well past time that the people of East Texas joined with other districts in Texas and throughout our country in benefitting from all the many wonderful ways a woman representative provides.   Renee’ Culler is that woman.  She has a vision for our district that preserves our Texas family values while providing more opportunity for the people.

Renee’ Culler is running to represent the people of East Texas!  ALL the people!

Renee’ doesn’t believe a representative should exclude constituents simply because they disagree on an issue or belief.  When you elect Renee’ you can count on her to respect you and your opinion.  Even if she doesn’t agree with your opinion!

Renee’ isn’t a coward who runs from her responsibilities.  Per her work ethic, she will “show-up” and do her job!  But understand this, Renee’ didn’t reach this point in her career by flip-flopping on her beliefs.  She’s a professional woman with very strong convictions!

You can rest assured that this seasoned and responsible leader has the courage and wisdom to keep an open mind with opposing views and ideas.  But if your political beliefs differ strongly from Renee’s you should also be prepared to “agree to disagree”.  That way you can keep channels of communication open so as to be able to work together on issues you both agree on.

That’s how this professional woman gets things accomplished in her business life.  And when Renee’s elected, it’s how she will get things done for the people of her district!

Will 2018 be the year East Texas elects their very first United States Congresswoman?

Yes, with your prayers and support it will be!  But that’s only the beginning!  With Renee’ leading the way we are sure to see more women representing East Texas in the future.