Welcome to Culler For Congress 2018!

Renee’ Culler is excited to announce her run for the United States Congress in the First District of Texas!

Renee’ is a Conservative who’s seeking the Republican nomination on Tuesday, March 6, 2018.

East Texans will once again be proud of their representative in Washington when they elect Renee’ Culler as their new Congresswoman!

Do you know the easiest way to describe Renee’?

Uniquely qualified

Tell us more about Renee’

Renee’ is a Christian wife, a proud mother to four incredible daughters, and a Conservative who really understands the meaning of the word.  Here we have a very successful businesswoman who found a way of balancing her family while building an incredible career!  And now she wants to represent you in Congress.

Renee has a degree in chemistry and industry experience.  (There isn’t a member of the House or Senate with those kind of credentials!)   She’s worked in the chemical, manufacturing, and aeronautical industries as well as having sales and training experience.

Renee’ is a proud and thankful American who knows firsthand the importance of upholding the law and the Constitution. (More on this later.)

Renee’ is one of those blessed souls who makes friends so easily that it appears she does it without any effort. (You’ll understand when you meet her.)

Renee’ has an old-fashioned work ethic that is truly role model material!  Once again parents and teachers can be proud of an elected official.  They can use her story to advocate the dignity of hard work and the importance of personal responsibility.  Our children and students need these kind of role models.

Renee’s work ethic began in a hot and sandy tobacco field

Renee’ grew-up working tobacco for her grandfather in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.  (For those of you who understand what “working tobacco” means you can appreciate her pay – “a penny a stick”!)  Besides working tobacco, Renee’ was also expected to help with the family vegetable garden and other chores.

Renee’s first “real” paycheck away from the family farm illustrates the degree of responsibility she has shown her entire life. That first paycheck came from the Georgetown County School District for driving a school bus in high school!

Yes, at only 17 Renee’ demonstrated she could be trusted with as great a responsibility as you could expect of a teenager – Renee’ was responsible for the lives and well-being of every one of the students she safely drove to and from school in her junior and senior years of high school.

Renee’ Culler wants the honor and privilege of serving us in the United States Congress.  She will truly help the people of her district and our country!

When you look at a picture of Renee’ Culler and learn of her impressive credentials like a chemistry degree, vast industry experience, and current responsibilities as the North American EHS (Environmental-Health-Safety) “go-to” person for an international company like Aviall, a Boeing Company, it may be difficult for some to believe Renee’ grew up a simple country girl. But it shouldn’t.  History shows us that many of our country’s greatest business and political leaders came from such humble beginnings that relied upon the ageless tenets of family, faith, and hard work.

Of course politicos and pundits can look at Renee’s resume and say she truly is a uniquely qualified congressional candidate.  We can look at her education, training, and career experiences and agree. But in the State of Texas a resume just isn’t enough.  In East Texas, the people need more than degrees and corporate titles.  And it is there that Renee’ really shines!

Some of the many “whys” we should elect Renee’

The impressive career and resume Renee’ has built gets her to the table, but it is who Renee’ is as a person that closes the deal! It’s things like a 17 year old girl being conscientious enough each day to pick up any trash left on the bus she was responsible for in high school, to convincing personnel at her town’s steel mill into “letting” her work for free so as to acquire work experience with her new chemistry degree.

It’s learning as a young child the difficulty of hard work and what’s expected of you in a hot tobacco field in the summer, to being the woman strong enough to carry on after miscarrying your third child in a row because you know what’s expected of you as a mother to your two year old daughter.

People “Inside the Beltway” can point out that currently we do not have anyone in the House or Senate with a chemistry degree and industry experience.  They will tell you how important those qualifications are as the Trump Administration pushes for the repeal of two regulations for every new one put on the books.  We need someone with experience to determine which regulations go and which stay.

But the people of East Texas can point out other qualities Renee’ has.  They agree with Renee’ that the really important blessings in life are family and good health.  These are people who appreciate Renee’s understanding that true joy comes from knowing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

But she has never held office

The only area that some may question Renee’s candidacy is the fact that she has never held public office.  (Others will see that as a primary reason to vote for her!)  Therefore we should be prepared to hear some argue that this professional woman is somehow “naïve” into the ways of government.

Reforming government by pushing for the repeal of irresponsible regulations is one way Renee’ will use her professional experience in dealing with the government to make things better for us all.  Another way will be her commitment to fight corruption in government and law enforcement.

Sadly, Renee’ is also well-versed in government and law enforcement corruption  having seen firsthand what it did to her family.  This is a small but very personal part of Renee’s campaign.

Renee’ isn’t fighting only to restore her family’s Constitutional rights – She is also fighting to protect the Constitutional rights of ALL Americans!

Some things in life are difficult.  Supporting Renee’s candidacy and ensuring she wins the Republican Primary on March 6, 2018 isn’t one of them.

Renee’ humbly asks for your prayers and support as she and her family begin this journey!

God Bless!