Culler For Congress 2018

cropped-IMG_6155-1.jpgWelcome to Culler For Congress!

This website is designed to provide you with information on both Renee’ and Anthony Culler’s campaigns.  It will also help explain why a husband and wife would invest so much time and money to run for the same seat (TX-1) in congress.  (Although they’re both candidates, I think it’s clear that this mother and father are working together to right wrongs.)

This husband-wife team, along with their four daughters, seek to ensure this is Louie Gohmert’s last term in congress.

What prompted this family to set their sights on this particular race?

9-9-09-012img_0803This campaign is very personal to the Culler family.  You could say they have been preparing for it over seven years now!  All those years of hard work and sacrifice have brought them to this moment.

The reason to run

Every candidate who has ever had the courage to run for public office has had a reason to run.  It is this reason that they give to their friends and family to help explain why they would do something so crazy.  It’s what drives them.  And contrary to what many people think about politicians, running for office is not always about power.  Believe it or not, some candidates simply run to make things better for their neighbors.

It’s comforting to know that some people still believe in fighting for what is just and right.  Some believe it is the only reason to fight.  And no matter the cost, the cost of not fighting those battles is just too high.  Our world is a better place because Americans have a reputation for fighting these battles.

Don’t you believe in fighting for lost causes when those lost causes center on our God-given rights to life, liberty, and property?  Such is the battle the Culler family has waged on their own for over seven years.  Perhaps now is the time for some of you to join the Culler family in this battle!

The Culler family was destroyed by corrupt law enforcement and government officials

image11image69After your family and yourself, how would you rate the importance of your home and personal property?  The Culler family lost their home, their pets, and all their personal property to corruption they encountered in Nacogdoches.  (But this family lost a lot more than their personal property.)

Their reason for running for office stems from this loss.  It stems from going to law enforcement and government officials seeking their help, only to be ignored.  (Texas law enforcement wouldn’t even investigate!  And to this day, they still refuse to investigate.)

Therefore this family knows what it feels like to go to an elected politician (like Louie Gohmert) for help.  They also know what it’s like to watch a coward turn his back on his responsibility and walk away.

Is this vengeance, justice, or something else entirely

image49Renee and Anthony understand firsthand what corruption can do to families.  They know because they saw what it did to their family.  They’ve seen it with their own eyes.  They know what it can do to children because they know what it did to their daughters.  And they don’t want other children to suffer as theirs have.  So they have made it their mission to change things for the better.

Sadly, there is nothing that can be done to reverse the damage done to their daughters.  They lost some of the most precious gifts a child can ever possess.  They lost their childhood, their innocence, and their sense of safety.  And they lost these gifts at the hands of corrupt government officials and law enforcement.

11-1-2008-download-142America’s Daughters

On behalf of these girls, it must respectfully be asked – Can we allow their sacrifice to be given in vain?   Are these four girls not America’s Daughters?  Are they not our own?  How can any American who has been made aware of their plight and heard their pleas for help, turn away from their beleaguered cries for Justice?

img_4321Have they not enough of their own skin and tears invested?  Has their positive model of life and continued Faith not endeared us all to their cause?  With all they have lost, and yet bravely, they continue to smile.  They continue to hold what evil could not rip from their grasp.  These American children cling to the Hope promised them at the Cross and the protection guaranteed them in our Constitution.

What more do they have?  What more do they need?

This family has patiently waited over seven years for their fellow Americans to join with them.   Is standing with them in their battle asking too much?  Afterall, as they fight for their inalienable rights to life, liberty, and property; do they not also fight for the rights all Americans share?  Shouldn’t the work be shared?

Corruption in our government and law enforcement community drew the blood of these four daughters and their parents.  It was the hand of greed and corruption that committed these transgressions that resulted in the theft of ALL this family’s personal property.  Many elected officials and law enforcement officers turned their heads from the responsibilities entrusted to them because of their cowardice and lack of decency.

This is why Renee and Anthony Culler are running for congress.  And this is why they are asking for your support and prayers.