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Anthony Culler For US Congress (SC-6)

If you believe Congressman James Clyburn has done a good job for this country and the people of South Carolina's Sixth Congressional District then you must have come to this page for only one reason...

You wanted to see the man that will defeat him on November 4, 2014.

For the rest of you my name is Anthony Culler and I believe Clyburn's constant cheerleading for policies that harm our nation must cease as well as the people of SC-6 being forced to carry on alone in South Carolina while their so-called "representative" sees no reason to leave Washington.

In 2012 the Republican Party could not find a candidate to even step up to the plate to challenge the seemingly undefeatable incumbent; in 2014 the Republican Party has the man that will replace him. With your help I will defeat TEN-TERM James Clyburn and bring representation back to the people of the Sixth District.

You can help the campaign by spreading word to your friends and family. If you are on FaceBook then please stop by and LIKE my page. And last but definitely not least, your prayers are very much appreciated!

I did not enter this race to place, I entered to win! With your help we will be victorious.

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